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Immediate implants: Procedure,best candidate, dental implants for patients who need bone grafting, advantages and How long does it last?


What is immediate implantation?

Immediate implantation is understood to mean the placement of the dental implant immediately after the extraction of the tooth. In this case, we do not wait 3 months for the extraction site to heal, but during the same session, the root of the tooth that has just extracted is replaced by a dental implant.

This technique was first created for the growing demand from patients for quicker treatment. At Taksim Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, immediate-loaded implants have been used effectively for a variety of patients.

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Who is the best candidate for immediate implants?

Immediate placement implants are ideal for patients who need tooth extractions due to:

  • Severe tooth decay

  • Extensive damage

  • Advanced bone loss

  • Functional teeth that cannot be saved

At Taksim Clinic, our periodontal specialists will examine your mouth and review your medical history to determine if you are suitable for this restorative dentistry procedure.

Immediate dental implant steps process:

For immediate dental implants, the doctor resorts to adopting these successive steps:

  • Use of local or general anesthetic, according to the case.

  • The decayed or broken tooth is then extracted with minimal damage to the jaw and surrounding tissues.

  • It is necessary to examine, clean and sterilize the place of the extracted tooth, before implanting the new tooth basis in the jaw

  • It is important to ensure the stability of the new basis in the jawbone, to reach the required stability the bone must be sufficient and the implants must be of a high quality.

  • The doctor can then install a crown or a covering for the tooth over the base.

  • The jaw may need to implant some bone around the base in the process of immediate dental implants and then cover it with a biofilm that protects it and stimulates bone growth and implantation in the base.

Dental implants for patients who need bone grafting:

Some patients suffer from the insufficient jawbone as a result of tooth extraction, or as a result of some diseases such as diabetes or gum infections.

For such patients it is necessary to add a bone graft to their jawbone in order to ensure the stability of the implant and preserve the surrounding tissue.

At Taksim Clinic, our doctors perform bone grafting using the best and most bio-acceptable types of bone grafts in the body.

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The Advantages of Immediate implant:

  • Avoid multiple surgeries.

  • Provides psychological support to the patient and reduces his discomfort by reducing the time he spends without teeth.

  • Less time than traditional dental implants.

  • Immediate results, Infected and damaged teeth are replaced after extraction on the same sessionwith immediate implants.

  • This procedure saves time and effort, it may save three to four months if compared to traditional dental implants.

  • Immediate dental implants are the best solution in the event of losing all teeth, as this is done in the fastest time, which enhances the patient's confidence and psychological state.

  • Osteoporosis patients may be able to perform immediate dental implants; Because of the lack of surgical intervention, this may require additional bone grafting in some cases.

  • Immediate dental implants are suitable for some disease conditions, such as diabetes patients, if the blood sugar level is well controlled.

What are the cases in which immediate implantation cannot be performed?

1-In the case of uncontrolled general diseases (for example: a diabetic who does not take medication)

2- In case of a need for bone grafting in large quantities.

3- In the case of infections in the jawbone

How long do immediate dental implants last?

These implants last as long as traditional methods: 10+ years. This lifespan is true as long as you take proper care of them. Whether or not they last longer is influenced by a few things:

  • Dental hygiene such as brushing and flossing regularly

  • How good your dentist is at placing the implants in such a way that the bone can support them for a long period of time

  • Your general lifestyle and health

Immediate implants:
Procedure,best candidate for immediate implants and dental implants for patients who need bone grafting

learn all about the immediate implants.

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